Carcassonne: South Seas


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Ages: 8+

Players: Between 2-5

Average Game Time: 35 Minutes

Carcassonne: South Seas is a brand new game in the Carcassonne universe, and this time, you are exploring the south seas. In Carcassonne: South Seas, your goal is to gather various wares that are popular amongst the local merchants. Will you succeed in delivering them the bananas, shells, and fish they are looking for?

Carcassonne around the world takes you on a fantastic trip to see the world’s most beautiful places and introduces you to a new aspect of this modern classic.


  • 73 sea tiles
  • 24 ship tokens
  • 19 fishing boat tokens
  • 20 wooden islanders
  • 60 wooden ware tokens
  • rules
Weight 0.8 kg
Dimensions 19 x 28 x 8 cm