Chicago Express


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Chicago Express board game

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Ages: 12+

Players: Between 2-6

Average Game Time: 60 minutes

In Chicago Express players try to make as much profit as possible at the end of the 19th century in America by buying shares in thriving rail-road companies. Each turn there are three available options: auction a share, develop a game field or expand the route network. By all means these options, the players can increase the value of the rail-road companies, thus increasing their profits too. The player who invests most skilfully and manages to generate the highest profits win the game.

Chicago Express is one of many games in the constantly expanding Queen Games collection, complete with instructions in six different languages.


  • 1 Board (with 3 needles for the action gauges)
  • 103 Wooden Trains (26 Yellow, 24 Green, 22 Blue, 20 Red, 11 Black)
  • 23 Wooden Development markers (White houses)
  • 4 Company Charter boards (Yellow, Green, Blue and Red)
  • 20 Paper Shares (6 Yellow, 5 Green, 4 Blue, 3 Red, 2 Black)
  • 140 x Paper Money (notes in $1/$5/$25 denominations)
  • 5 Wooden Income Disks (in 5 colours)
  • 5 Cardboard “+50” chits (for income track, in 5 colours)

Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 32 x 23 x 10 cm