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Ridley’s Classic Game Compendium family game

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Ages: 6+

Players: 2+

Average Game Time: 15 Minutes

Pick up Sticks:

  1. hold all the sticks in a neat bunch then gently drop the sticks onto the floor or table trying to make them lie in a messy pile. Leave them them lie where they land. Don’t rearrange any of the sticks.
  2. Take it in turns to try and carefully remove a stick from the pile without moving any other stick. If you succeed, it remains your turn.
  3. Forfeit your turn if a stick moves. It does not matter how slightly the stick moves. Leave the stick where it is.
  4. The game is finished when all the sticks from the pile have been removed.
  5. The winner of the game is the person with the most points. Score the game by adding the point value of the sticks as determined by the colour of each stick.

A good hint to know, once you have successfully removed a stick you may use it to help you remove further sticks!


  1. Place all the dominoes face down on the table and shuffle around.
  2. Each player takes seven dominoes, the player with the highest double goes first.
  3. Lay a domino with the same value next to the first domino (it doesn’t matter what end). Make sure like values are always touching.
  4. Pick up from the pile if you don’t have a domino that corresponds to the ones on the layout. Keep those dominoes concealed from your oppents.
  5. Pass if no more dominoes left in the pile.
  6. The first person to run out of dominoes wins the game. Or the game ends if everybody has to pass, the winner is then the person with the lowest score. Or the game ends of someone reaches 50 points in a game with two players, or 100 points with three or more players.
  7. Count your score by the number of dots on the tiles remaining in your hand. The lowest score wins.


  1. Toss the 10 jacks gently out onto the playing surface.
  2. Toss the ball into the air with your throwing hand. While the ball is in the air, pick up 1 jack using only your throwing hand.
  3. Catch the ball in your throwing hand before the ball hits the ground.
  4. Repeat steps 1-3 until you’ve picked up all ten jacks.
  5. Toss the ten jacks out onto the surface again.
  6. Toss the ball in the air, and now pick up 2 jacks each time and catch the ball before it hits the ground.
  7. Continue tossing the ball, picking up the jacks and catching the ball, increasing the number of jacks you pick up when the ball is in the air until you pick up all 10 at one time.
  8. It’s the other player’s turn when you don’t pick up the correct number of jacks or you miss the ball.
  9. Begin where you left off when it’s your turn again. If you were picking up three jacks at the time, toss the 10 jacks onto the playing surface and pick up three at a time.
  10. Declare a winner whenever you want to or when you or your friend succeeds at ‘onesies’ through ‘tensies’ each time.


  1. Draw a circle about 30 cm to 50 cm wide. Using chalk on concrete or tarmac, a stick in the dirt, or a piece of sting on carpet or tiles.
  2. Select your ‘shooter’ marble and place ant marbles you want to play with as targets inside the circle; the other players do the same. Shooters are designated marbles used to knock targets out of the ring. Your shooter should be larger than the other marbles so it’s powerful enough to do its job. It should also look different from other marbles so you can distinguish it from them easily.
  3. When it’s your turn use your ‘shooter’ marble from outside the ring to knock out any marbles inside the ring. Shoot be kneeling on the ground and flicking your marble out of your hand with your thumb.
  4. Gather any marbles you’ve knocked out of the ring. Shooting again if you managed to knock any marbles out of the ring. Otherwise let the next player shoot if you failed to knock any out and/or your shooter remains inside the ring.
  5. Continue taking it in turns shooting until the ring is empty of all the target marbles.
  6. The winner is the player with the most marbles at the end of the game.

Great way to introduce the younger generation to the classic games you grew up playing!


  • Deck of cards
  • Yoyo
  • Pick up sticks
  • marbles
  • jacks
  • rules for games

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