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Dixit board game

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Ages: 8+

Players: Between 3-6

Average Game Time: 30 minutes

On your turn, as the storyteller, choose a card from your hand and a clue for it.  This clue can be a word, a sentence, even song lyrics.  All other players choose one of their cards that best fits the clue.  Shuffle and reveal all of the chosen cards.  All players then secretly guess which card is yours, using the vote tokens.  Once all votes are placed, the scoring begins!

Dixit is a lovingly illustrated game of creative guesswork, where your imagination unlocks the tale!


  • 84 image cards
  • 1 scoreboard
  • 6 wooden rabbits
  • 36 voting tokens
  • rules
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Dimensions 28 x 28 x 6 cm