Garden Dice


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Garden Dice strategy game

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Ages: 10+

Players: Between 2-4

Average Game Time: 60 Minutes

In Garden Dice, you are gardeners toiling to coax the best crops from a shared plot of land. You’ll take turns rolling the dice and using them to perform actions such as buying, planting, watering seeds, harvesting vegetables and moving hungry critters to gobble up your opponents hard work. When there are no seeds left in the supply, you’ll compare the fruits of your labours to see who’s got the bumper crop!

Garden Dice was the winner of the 2014 Games Magazine’s Game of the Year Winner!


  • The board with 6×6 garden grid and scoring track
  • 50 seed/veggie tiles (47.5mm square)
  • 4 sundial/scarecrow tiles (octagonal)
  • 4 bird/rabbit tiles (round)
  • 4 sun tokens (sun-shaped)
  • 2 rock tiles (square)
  • 4 wooden dice with indented pips
  • 36 wooden 15mm discs in player colors
  • 4 large player aids
  • The color rule book
Weight 1.1 kg
Dimensions 26 x 26 x 6 cm