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Rapidough party game

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Ages: 8+

Players: 4+

Average Game Time: 30 Minutes

Rapidough is the original game of modelling charades.  There’s never a dull moment as everyone plays at once – every round!  Players take turns at modelling the card entries for their team mates.  The first team to guess what their sculptor is creating wins that round. But there’s a sting in the tail – the losing team loses a plunger full of dough.  If the opposition loses a few rounds they can find themselves attempting to sculpt a hedgehog with a pea sized piece of dough…the results are hilarious!

Rapidough is now accessible to a wider age group with the new cards consisting of family friendly words.


  • 3 containers of modelling dough
  • 3 modelling tools
  • 3 modelling mats
  • 3 plungers
  • 400 word cards
  • rules

Weight 1.4 kg
Dimensions 32 x 24 x 9 cm