Saboteur 2


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Saboteur 2 card game

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Ages: 13+

Players: Between 2-12

Average Game Time: 30 Minutes

The saboteurs are still trying to keep the miners from the mother-load, but the miners squabbling has split them into two teams. They still need to help each other get to the gold but they’re not above setting up a few obstacles to make sure their team gets there first. New dwarves have made their way into the mines: The Boss, who’s trying to help both team; The Profiteer, whose made deals with the miners and saboteurs, and; The Geologists, who are more concerned with crystals then gold.

Saboteur 2 adds cards that now allow 2-12 players to play!

You will need a copy of Saboteur to play this expansion.


  • 64 gold nugget tokens
  • 15 personality cards
  • 21 action cards
  • 30 path cards
  • rules
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Dimensions 13 x 10 x 3 cm