What If?: No 10 The Birthday Jigsaw (1000)


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What If?: No 10 The Birthday Jigsaw (1000)

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Ages: 10+

Size: 1000 pieces, 69.9 x 49.7cm

Derek has been looking forward to his birthday celebrations.  He can’t wait to tuck into a lovely meal with his family, blow out the candles on his cake and enjoy a glass of bubbly.  By WHAT IF the champagne was a little too lively?  And WHAT IF the celebrations really did “go with a bang”?  The picture on this box shows Derek’s dream dinner.  The puzzle inside this box shows what really happened.  So get your thinking cap on and piece together this puzzle to see what happened to our birthday boy and his loyal wife…

Ravensburger have been making puzzles in Ravensburg, Germany since 1891! Their wealth of experience and unsurpassed attention to detail make them one of the world’s most popular puzzle brands.

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Dimensions 38 x 28 x 6 cm