What If? No 7 The Portrait Jigsaw Puzzle (1000)


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What If? The Portrait Jigsaw Puzzle

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Ages: 10+

Size: 1000 pieces, 69.9 x 49.7cm

Leonardo Da Vinci is always busy, painting portraits of the rich, famous and beautiful. He is happy to take on new work, but there are days when he just wants to go home and have a glass of vino. So What If Leonardo never actually painted the Mona Lisa? Would he still have become the world’s most famous artist? The picture on the box shows Leonardo busy at work painting Florence. The puzzle inside show the outcome many years later!

Ravensburger have been making puzzles in Ravensburg, Germany since 1891! Their wealth of experience and unsurpassed attention to detail make them one of the world’s most popular puzzle brands.