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Which? card game

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Ages: 9-90

Players: Between 2-12

Average Game Time: 30 Minutes

Which would you rather be, a zoo keeper or an app developer? Would you rather be street or book smart? Ignorant or cynical? Which Beatles song is better, Eleanor Rigby or Something? Which would you choose? Which would your partner choose? Which would your friends think your kids would choose? The player that best predicts other players’ choices wins. But the players who learn about other players also win which means everyone wins – because it’s all about putting yourself in the other players’ shoes. You’ll explore issues, learn more about your friends and family, express yourself and debate which icecream flavour is better.  All without smartphones or Facebook.  And the time will fly.  Good conversation ensures that.

The newly released Which 4th edition fuels conversation, outs truths and everyone wins!

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